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Word counts in Turkish and English

Turkish is an agglutinating language. This is a fancy linguistic term which means that in Turkish, many words can be stuck together into one word. Or for those of you who have studied grammar class, we could say that words in English are often suffixes added to the root in Turkish. So, as you can see from the following examples, one word in Turkish can equal a phrase or even an entire sentence in English.


Turkish: Affedebileceğimi zannetmiyorum. (2 words)

English: I do not think that I will be able to forgive him. (12 words)


Turkish: Hiç unutamayacağım bir gündü. (4 words)

English: It was a day that I will never be able to forget. (12 words)


Turkish: Evlerine gittiğimde beni iyi karşıladılar. (5 words)

English: They gave me a warm welcome when I went to their house. (12 words)