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Wherever you are, you had better be local!

In this global market, e-commerce is booming around the world. Turkey is no exception and ranks 24th in the world with over 7 million internet users. While Turkey's e-business market is relatively small, it had annual sales of 830 million dollars in 2005 and is expected to experience sustained annual growth of over 100% per year for the near future.

Although the internet's potential for market penetration is well-known, not every company succeeds in foreign markets and this is often due to the complex cultural, social and linguistic factors required to communicate the company's core values and bring products and services to a local market. Simple translation often fails to capture the rich message of ad copy that has been prepared by a team of experts and writers for a given culture. This is why our corporate customers have chosen our dynamic creative approach to communication.

Whatever you offer, take it to Turkey! 

A multi-lingual web site should be an important aspect of your customer service and can greatly expand your website's ability to reach and service more customers. People prefer making transactions in their native language and smart companies use this to their advantage.

TurkishEnglish.com offers on-going website localization and updates with a translation database of terms to help control costs and ensure consistency.

Our web technicians can take your website, insert the dynamic Turkish equivalents provided by our localization team and return the website to you with links and buttons fully functioning. We use Computer Aided Translation technology to ensure that terminology is consistent even on large websites with hundreds of pages.

For more information, contact us at translate@turkishenglish.com