turkishenglish.com - Nine “unconventional reasons” to choose TurkishEnglish.com

Nine “unconventional reasons” to choose TurkishEnglish.com

1) We are of the humble opinion that Turkish coffee beats Nescafe
2) We don't fall into the category of 9-5 working stiffs but are entrepreneurial linguistic gurus who often hold 12 hour sessions for our clients.
3) We think going the extra mile is a bit wimpy when people run marathons (26 miles) just for fun
4) We believe Republicans and Democrats as they currently operate are BOTH bad for America and the world!
5) Because entrusting your project to an agency may be akin to asking the doctor's secretary to interpret your X-ray and then write you a prescription.
6) Because we know that Turkey is a meal and Türkiye is a country
7) Because we are Cyber Nuts.
8) Because we know that there are modes of communication, e.g. music, which transcend all human language
9) Because we don't think every list has to rounded off to some convenient number like 10.