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People ask what makes turkishenglish.com different and our answer is very simple. We are different because our translation paradigm is centered around specialization. The latest translation technology combined with highly trained and experienced translation professionals and a firm commitment to customer service have made us one of the leaders in Turkish English translation.

Whether you run a translation agency handling multi-language projects and are looking for reliable Turkish translators or an international business actively involved in the Turkish marketplace for whom professional Turkish translation services are indispensable, turkishenglish.com is your Turkish language specialist.

Make a Paradigm Shift ... to turkishenglish.com!

Picture of Albert Einstein As our knowledge base grows and we discover the intricacies of our world, we realize how inadequate the old ideas are and seek to replace them with ideas more appropriate to our needs. Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawkings all represent new paradigms in physics that resulted from a better understanding of the physical world. What is true of physics is true of translation as well. Advances in linguistic science and computer technology have changed translation services forever. One thing that research has made clear is that flawless and effective translation is much more complicated than it may first appear, requiring a level of specialization and focus that has often been absent. That is why turkishenglish.com has chosen to work in only one language pair - Turkish / English. This allows us to concentrate our energies on excelling in a more narrow field so as to provide the customer with a more superior product. The new paradigm in translation can be summarized briefly as follows:

1) Native Nuance Competency (NNC) - Native speaker input on both the source and target text can mean the difference between an excellent translation and a poor one so it is a critical element of success. We work with a team of specialists comprised of linguists whose native languages are both Turkish and English to ensure that the end product is both faithful to the nuances of the original and captures the beauty of the target language.

2) Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) - It is a proven fact that computers and the field of artificial intelligence have not progressed nearly enough to do natural language translation, but they can be used to ensure consistent terminology and to increase efficiency, especially on large projects involving numerous translators. For long-term customers this can also translate into significant reductions in cost.

3) Dynamic Equivalence - Literal translation has given rise to some of the funniest language mistakes in the world. They will make you laugh; that is until one appears in a translation of YOUR company product brochure. Our trained professional translators know that the heart of translation is finding a dynamic equivalent in the target language.

The advantages of working with a team of Turkish specialists with our translation philosophy are numerous. First, we are able to offer our customers extremely competitive rates. We can do this because all of our translation is done in-house. Because of this, there is no middle-man. Secondly, we have a stringent quality control policy which ensures your translation is reviewed by a second person and not just the translator. Our quality guarantee demonstrates our commitment to customer satisfaction. Finally, you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your Turkish/English translation is being prepared by experienced translation professionals who have focused their skills and energies in a specific field whether that be legal translation, medical translation or technical translation.

Outsourcing Solutions for Translation Agencies

Every Turkish linguist at turkishenglish.com has experience working with translation agencies from around the world. Our client-base circles the globe from Malaysia, Japan and China in the Far East to Europe and the United States in the West. The increasingly globalized market has made multi-language translation projects and translation outsourcing a standard industry practice, and, in this competitive market, translation companies choose turkishenglish.com with its multi-faceted service options over free-lance Turkish translators because of the comprehensive customer service we offer our clients. We believe that:

"Protecting your reputation in the business community is how we establish our own"


  • Computer Assisted Translation solutions with the industry leader - Trados™
  • Trained linguistic and technical project managers
  • A proven track-record of on-time delivery
  • In-house project completion - so you know the job is being properly supervised
  • A library of technical glossaries and reference materials
  • Stringent quality control standards
  • Notarized translation, sworn translation or certificate of Apostille upon request