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Technical Translation

Loader control panelIn today's global economy world, high quality English Turkish translation is vital for effective international marketing, sales, and support for companies and enterprises doing business with or from Turkey. Technical documentation for products sold abroad must be easy to understand and convey information accurately to end users and technicians. Not only are user manuals needed in a wide variety of languages, computer software and mechanical devices with readouts require localization of the labels, buttons, screens and menus that the user interacts with.

In technical translation, being fluent in the target and source langages is not enough. At turkishenglish.com every Turkish translator is trained and equipped to work with high-tech documents, from technical user manuals to product specifications. The translator must have a working knowledge of the machinery or device that the document describes. Otherwise, significant errors could be introduced due to a lack of understanding regarding how the technical elements interact. Our policy of using a team made up of native English and Turkish speakers ensures that the source text is correctly understood and translated in an idiomatically appropriate way.

Portatable welding machineOver the years our technical translation team has put together an excellent glossary of technical terms. We have excellent research facilities and resources. In addition, we use the latest CAT technology, so you can be sure that you have all the leverage you need for affordable, consistent English Turkish translation.

Here is a partial list of technical translation and localization projects that our company has completed:

  • User Guide, help files and software localization for Dräger/Siemens hospital ward patient transmitters, telemetry and monitoring system
  • User's Guide -- Arval spring balancers for use in commercial applications
  • User's Guide -- ARO Compact Welding Machine
  • User's Guide -- ARO Micro 2X16 III Profibus Rack Model Welder
  • User's and Technical Manual for STEC-460 Vacuum Molding Machine Unloader
  • Technical specifications for the BOTA? Natural Gas Pipeline In-Line Monitoring System
  • Innovative Technologies Turbine-Driven Steam Generator
  • York Air Conditioning User's Manuals
  • Panasonic and JVC radio and television user's manuals
  • Ford Transit commercial vehicle informational brochure
  • Patent specifications, applications and correspondence
  • Localization of software designed for a packaging machine produced in Denmark
  • Technical specifications and contract for the State Waterworks Department
  • Technical specifications for Turk Telecom Internet infrastructure project
  • High Recovery Tobacco Reclaimer User Manual
  • Operator, Software and Handheld Manuals for the X-Rite PDS-C Printing Machine Spectrometer and Color Analysis System
  • Monthly product promotional web page for Hewlett Packard
  • Technical data and service sheets for natural gas soleniod valves
  • Software localization and HTML help files for business skills training software
  • Powerpoint presentation on nuclear physics and radiation detection devices
  • Localization of Apollo blood chemistry analysis device and software

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