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One Key to Market Penetration Is Localization

As internet and computer usage increases around the world, there is a burgeoning demand for software that has been translated into the local language spoken by the end user. High-tech machinery also often uses software and touch-panel interfaces to enable the user to set up, adjust and run the equipment. As a result, user manuals, help screens and error messages must all be translated with an eye for accuracy as well as understandability. Incorrect translations can go beyond being comical and have dire consequences

This is why our corporate customers have chosen our dynamic creative approach to translation. We ensure the highest level of quality by maintaining interaction between native speakers of both languages and intensive research combined as well as attention to detail. These issues are particularly important when it comes to equipment interface panels, medical devices and software.

Software Localization

Offering software in multiple languages is even more complex than preparing a multi-lingual web site. There are several stages involved in this task.

1) Software must first be internationalized, or prepared for multiple language distribution. All of the menus, buttons and help screens must be separated from program code such that once the text is translated, the target language can be re-compiled into the program modules.

2) Language font issues must also be addressed, to make sure that the hardware and or operating system can handle the code page or non-European letters that are involved.

3) Help files must also be prepared intelligently. There are several formats to consider, including HTML. When translating the references in the text file, the buttons and menus must match exactly. Our team of Turkish translators use translation software memory tools to ensure consistency at this point.

4) Help files should also be translated in conjunction with Users manuals, to ensure that the reader sees the corresponding menus and screens. Screen shots of the software must also be prepared for translation, since translators work with text, not graphics.

Once the above issues have been addressed, the text can be translated, and multiple versions of the software can be distributed.

The following list provides a sample of the type of software localization translation jobs that the English Turkish translation team at turkishenglish.com have accomplished:

  • Medical ward telemetry and monitoring software help files and users manuals
  • SkillSoft - business skills development software
  • Young Digital Poland - educational software
  • High recovery tobacco machine
  • Vacuum molding machine
  • Turkish accounting software localization
  • Software for ATM machine interfaces