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            The following list of topics were used in the present study.  Notice that some of the topics were very infrequent.  This is due to the small class size in the advanced levels.  Because of the small number of students in these classes, it was necessary to use older compositions to create a significant database.   Since many of our students stay several semesters, the ELI rotates the topics.  It is for this reason that the older compositions have different topics; note that they are very similar to the more frequent ones in terms of genre.


Topic # 1:        Describe and explain what you believe are the most important requirements for happiness.


                        Spanish 18       Korean 32



Topic #2:         During your lifetime you may have lived in a variety of places. Choose two places where you have lived and write a composition in which you compare and/or contrast these two places.


                        Spanish 9         Korean 14



Topic #3:         Compare and/or contrast your grandparents’ (or your parents) way of life with your way of life.


                        Spanish 12       Korean 14



Topic #4:         Good friends play an important part in our lives.  There are many qualities which we look for in a friend.  In your paper, discuss in detail at least three qualities of friendship which you believe are important.  


                        Spanish 4         Korean 1



Topic #5:         What is necessary for a good relationship between members of a family?


                        Spanish 3         Korean 0



Topic #6:         In what ways has knowing a second language expanded your knowledge of other people and their cultures.


                        Spanish 3         Korean 1


Topic #7:         What kind of work would you most like to do?  Why?  What are the most important things you would look for in your ideal job and why?


                        Spanish 1         Korean 1



Topic #8:         If you were in charge of hiring employees for a company, what would be the most important qualities you would look for in a prospective employees?  Why?


                        Spanish 0         Korean 1



Topic #9:         If you could be born again, which sex/gender would you like to be? Why?


                        Spanish 0         Korean 1



Topic #10:       Throughout history, various men and women have made important contributions to their countries and perhaps to the world.  Choose a famous person and explain why and/or how you believe that person has made a contribution.


                        Spanish 2         Korean 0



Topic #11:       What changes have you seen in your life-time with regard to attitudes toward the environment? 


                        Spanish 0         Korean 1

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