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We have many examples of the types of translation projects our office has completed. Click on one of the following links or browse the list below. You can also click here to see what our customers think about us.

  • Grant applications for the EU Human Rights project and the European Handbook project
  • User's and Technical Manual for STEC-460 Unloader
  • Localization of software designed for a packaging machine produced in Denmark
  • Research thesis – osteoporosis
  • The Turkish Ministry of Tourism's web site including, cuisine, geography, travel, archeology and history
  • Employee management training conference materials
  • Birth certificates, marriage licenses, diplomas

  • Technical specifications and contract for the State Waterworks Department
  • Technical specifications for Turk Telecom Internet infrastructure project
  • Rethinking Democratic Accountability by Robert D. Behn (317 pages)
  • Court documents and subpoenas in a civil and criminal case involving international child abduction.
  • High Recovery Tobacco Reclaimer User Manual

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