turkishenglish.com - Pricing and Ordering for Turkish-English Translation

Basic Pricing for Turkish/English Translation

Quick price quote

You can receive a free price quote by simply e-mailing your files as an attachment to us.

We will analyse your files, give you an exact price quote and an estimated delivery date.

When pricing is based on a word count, it costs more per word to translate Turkish documents because Turkish is an agglutinating language - fancy linguistic terminology, which simply means that it "glues words" together and so one or two "words" in Turkish can be a whole sentence in English (see examples). Prices may vary slightly due to the size or technicality of your project.

For a free pricing consultation, you may attach your files to an email and send us all (or part) of the files you want translated. If you think that your project may be unusually technical or large enough to warrant special pricing considerations and you want a detailed price analysis, note this in your correspondence.

There is a minimum 30 EUR fee for short texts.

For a reasonable fee, we also provide translations that are notarized and legalized for countries that respect the Hague Convention.