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When it comes to selling your product in another country, fluent and dynamic sales presentations are of the utmost importance. Simply translating the words usually fails to capture the rich message of ad copy that has been prepared by a team of experts and writers for a given culture. How do you know if the translator has caught the nuances that you want to emphasize? A word-for-word translation can result in some rather comical errors. You can have it checked by another native-speaking translator, but they might not catch the fine points in the English text, either. You could have it back-translated, but again, that is limited in its ability to capture the flavor of the target text.

Here at TurkishEnglish.com, we feel that the best choice is to use a team of translators with native speakers of both source and target languages working together. We experience a synergy where the native English speakers dialogue with the native Turkish speakers to encourage them to find alternative, dynamic equivalents. We have translated marketing material for hard-hitters like Sony, Panasonic and Dell where accuracy AND dynamism are of utmost importance.

E-mail us your documents for a free quote or a free callback so that we can evaluate your project to you. Be assured that your sensitive business documents will be handled with the utmost confidentiality.