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Legal Translation

Picture of a typical courthouse -- Translations of legal documents require the utmost careLegal translation is a field that requires meticulous attention to detail and extensive knowledge of the legal system. Our translation team has put together an impressive client portfolio working on contracts, courtbriefs, legal notices, technical specifications, petitions, subpoenas and confidentiality agreements. The differences in the Turkish legal system make their job exceptionally challenging, but if you have Turkish legal documents that need to be rendered in English or vice versa, they can help. Our translation team also delivers high quality translation of laws, regulations, directives and communiques.

We know that the stakes in issues of litigation or contractual dispute can be very high and our team of professional legal translators go to great lengths to ensure that their work is well-researched and subject to rigorous quality control. All of our work is done in-house, with no outsourcing, so you can be confident that even your most sensitive documents remain totally confidential.

For a reasonable fee, we also provide translations that are notarized and legalized for countries that respect the Hague Convention.

Although confidentiality agreements prevent us from giving an exhaustive list of clients and previous jobs we offer a sample below to give you some idea of scope of the projects that our Turkish legal translators have completed. 

  • Picture of an official court seal -- Our translators make every effort to communicate legal language correctly Türk Telekom - Technical specifications for bids open to foreign enterprises.
  • Court proceedings and legal documents for multi-million dollar lawsuit regarding violation of concession agreements
  • Court documents for international patent trials.
  • Court documents for international child abduction case.
  • Court documents and petitions for international trade litigation case.
  • Chapter of legal textbook regarding contractual freedom and pre-contractual liability
  • Various appeals court rulings regarding cases involving culpa in contrahendo
  • European Union - Statutes regulating conformity with European Union standards
  • Numerous business contracts drawn up between Turkish and foreign companies
  • Court documents and affadavits related to an insurance fraud case
  • BOTAŞ - Technical specifications for this natural gas consortium.
  • State Water Works - Technical specifications for government contracts.
  • ITT Industries - Corporate ethics policy and addendums
  • The Hague Court Case - Over 200 pages of court petitions, briefs and rulings