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Cyber office

In keeping with our commitment to wise stewardship of the planet we have the privilege of inhabiting, TurkishEnglish.com actively promotes efficient use of the wide array of communication mediums made possible by the digital age for a more environmentally-friendly work environment.  We do this primarily by encouraging the cyber office for the following reasons.

Energy Savings - Driving to and from work consumes a vast amount of the industrial world's resources in the form of petroleum and the vast array of metal, plastic, glass  products used in the production of transportation vehicles. Millions of gallons of gas are burned each day in an activity as unproductive as getting to work. Then, there is the additional heating and cooling of billions of square feet of office space. Yes, in some industries this is necessary but we are committed to responsible utilization of resources and helping service industries do their part to see that this feature of the Industrial Age takes its place in history with the Stone Age.

Life Savings - No, we are not talking about your retirement account.  We are talking about the hourglass of our life.  Forcing people to make a stressful commute to an office fighting traffic every inch of the way so that they can sit at a computer is about the most asinine requirement of the modern age. With so much internet connectivity available, business should be about encouraging the Cyber Office and this is something we at TurkishEnglish.com take seriously.