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1. Quality management – An advantage that translation agencies have over freelance translators is their ability to implement a quality assurance system and provide project management. The disadvantage is that you are not working directly with the language service provider. Here at TurkishEnglish.com, we combine the best of both worlds: the quality controls you expect from a translation agency and the ability to work directly with the service provider. Our experienced and professional team includes both English and Turkish native speakers. This means that our translator has direct and immediate access to another language professional who is a native speaker of the source text so that they can get clarification regarding complex or ambiguous sentences, idioms or slogan-like phrases in the source language. Our translation is also edited or proofread by a second translator to ensure the highest quality.  Consequently, your Turkish text will not read like a translation but like a text that was originally written in Turkish.  The same, of course, is true of Turkish texts translated into English.  

2. Cost-savings – Unlike a traditional translation agency, with TurkishEnglish.com you cut out the cost of the middleman. Our rates are competitive and your money is spent where it should be – on translation. We provide the same translation project management that the agency does, which means that you are receiving the same service for less. We think you will appreciate the fact that our process is more productive and find that our quality is superior. Why? That brings us to point number three. 

3. Direct communication – Translation agencies keep databases of freelance translators and match your job with a translator who works in that language pair.  This is ideal if you have dozens of languages and want to pay for project management in all of these, but their service is costly and has its own drawbacks. First, you do not have direct access to the translator. Instead, all communication will go through the translation agency, and this can result in misunderstandings or wasted time.  Secondly, the translation agency personnel overseeing your project will almost never understand Turkish so they will have to rely on a second freelancer to provide editing and proofreading. However, when the two translators do not agree, the agency has no basis for determining who is right. We work with translation agencies on a daily basis and one of the biggest problems they face is arbitrating between Turkish translators when the agency staff does not understand the language concerned.