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"İddia" means claim, assertion, bet or contention. However, all kinds of things from people to companies can be "iddialı", in other words they hold promise for the future or that they can make a 'claim' to be the best. Here are some examples of different ways we have translated this word:

Kadın mücadelesinde iddialı olduğunu fark ediverdim.
All at once I noticed that she had the potential to play an influential role in the area of women's rights.

1987 ‘den beri ıngiltere'de hizmet veren Arblaster and Clarke, ilginç ve heyecanlı şarap turları konusunda oldukça iddialı.
Arblaster and Clark have been operating in England since 1987 and are leaders when it comes to organizing interesting and exciting wine tours.

Beş sene sonra sushi'yi ekledik. İstanbul'un en iddialı sushi barlarından birisine sahibiz.
We added sushi five years later. We have one of the most popular sushi bars in Istanbul.

Trend belirleyen, iddialı ve şık olan Zeki Triko, bu yıl moda dünyasının gözde ismi Doutzen Kroes ile çalıştı.
Trend-setting, bold and stylish, Zeki Triko worked with the world-renowned Doutzen Kroes for this year's collection.

Kuruçeşme Arena'da düzenlenecek olan Kenan Doğulu konseri, İstanbul'daki en büyük 14 Şubat - Sevgililer Günü organizasyonu olarak oldukça iddialı.
The Kenan Doğulu concert that will be held at Kuruçeşme Arena is being billed as the largest February 14 - Valentine's Day event in Istanbul

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Dirty words

"Dirty words" are words that don't have an exact match in the target language. As a result they can be very hard or frustrating to translate. No matter how many times you have translated that word, it still makes you say "AARGH" when you see it! Here are some types of "dirty words":

1. Words that reflect a particular event or object particular to a culture. For example "gecekondu" comes from house built on government land, usually at night but later given permission by the government. This is used generally to refer to poor peoples' housing.

2. Phrases that are just not used in the target language, such as "bilginize arz ederim".

3. Words that specify a concept that is not used in the target language, such as "iddialı".


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